Abronia graminea babies. Captive bred babies. These guys were born aprox May 25th 2018.  Eating great on crickets and Pangea diets.

Mexican Alligator Lizard is a common name. These are a great curious lizard. Easily becoming tame enough to handle. 

One of the few live bearing lizards! Truly a great experience to have!

An arboreal lizard that grows to a max length of aprox. 12 inches. We have heavily planted tanks that are roughly 30 inches tall or taller. Bromeliads or Pothos plants are some of the ones we use here. Misting daily and providing gut loaded insects every other day along with a treat of Pangea or Repashy diets keep them healthy.  You can place their enclosures out in the summer sun as long as they have heavy shade to escape the sunlight and enough height in the enclosure to regulate their temps. 

This is not a reptile for beginner keepers.

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