To those who have placed their gecko order or are considering placing an order.

We are currently in a very cold weather pattern. Not usual for us. We are having single digit lows right now.f

We can't ship in these temps.

We do have a shipping/terms page we hope you have looked at prior to placing an order or if you have not placed your order yet, we will hold onto your animal until safe shipping temps come in. 

Shipping live animals is a game of patience. We have warm temps where we must wait for a cool day or cold temps where we must wait for a warm day. This is to ensure the safety of your new pet and the animal we have raised since it hatched from an egg.

Thank you for your understanding. Any questions, please let us know,

Todd & Cindy

Shipping Information

Due to the Christmas Holiday packages are delayed when shipped.

We will resume shipping after Jan. 2 2018.



Gecko Haven ships with FedEx.
Delivery is always sent Priority Overnight.
Your gecko should arrive by 10:30 A.M. the day after being shipped.
* Note- in some cases, depending on your location, arrival time could be 12:00 Noon or possibly as late as end of day, which is 4:30 pm.
If we are shipping to a FedEd hub, animals will be shipped to a FedEx Ship Center only, no other type of FedEx location can be used * Example is a print center

We ship in the continental United States only. Shipping is done Monday through Wednesday, with arrival the following morning. We do not ship after Wednesday in case a shipping delay would occur. This way your new gecko will not be sitting over the weekend at a FedEx facility.

Shipping and Temperature
Gecko Haven will ship when temperatures are between 35 and 80 degrees. Weather will be monitored to make sure there are no storms due to come in that could delay the animal at the hub and that we have proper shipping temps on both ends of the process as well as the shipping hubs. Delays would put your new pet at great risk, we do our best to avoid any dangerous situations.

A heat pack, cold pack and/or a Phase 22 cryopack will be included if needed at no extra charge. Your gecko is kept as comfortable as possible on its way to its new home.

We can hold a gecko until shipping temps and weather conditions are good on both our end and the receiving end. If you are on a payment plan, the payments will need to be completed within our one month agreement. Shipping charges are never refunded.