Our preferred method of contact is through email or FB messaging. This way our conversation is documented and we can refer back to if needed.  


When filling out our contact page, please ensure you are giving us the correct email address. We get several emails a month that we can not respond to as the address is incorrect.



Gecko Haven is owned by Cindy and Todd McDannell, we are in Gettysburg PA.


We place our animals through our website and vend several reptile venues throughout the year. 

We work with red ackies, tristis monitors, crested, gargoyle, chahoua, leachianus, oedura monilis, Pachydactylus tigrinus, mourning geckos, Teratolepis fasciata (viper geckos), Paroedura pictus (pictus geckos) Paroedura stumpffi (stumpfii geckos) Eurydactylodes vieillardi, Nephrurus wheeleri and Heteronotia binoei geckos.  We have a few other species we are working with as well.

On our show tables you will find mostly breeder quality crested geckos! We produce very few lower end geckos or pet quality ones. If you are looking for an introductory level crested, contact us and we can try to help you find one within your budget.

We take great pride in our animals and our reputation. We are always here for support once an animal is purchased and sent home.  We do recommend you check the reputation of the hobbyist or breeder you will purchase from.






We offer a 30 day payment plan on purchases as well as a hold policy if you just need a couple days to get payment in. Our terms for purchase are listed here on our site.

Thank you!