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Red Spotted Super Dal

Product: GrPa729
Posted By: N/A

This gecko is great; she's not aggressive toward fingers, she's a very, very happy, big eater, and she's thriving so far. I'm very satisfied, and her red spots are beautiful.

I really hope Gecko Haven gets more geckos in that align with my projects; because the process of getting this little one was painless and great too.



Product: BoLa827
Posted By: Geeky Gecko Creations

The animal was as listed and in very good health. Love my new purchase!



Product: BoLa88
Posted By: Geeky Gecko Creations

The animal was as listed and in very good health. Love my new purchase!



Product: StFr63
Posted By: Ryan

Great job I love your projects especially getting very unique reptiles will be back,, in the near future


AgCiA93 "Antares"

Product: AgCiA93
Posted By: Trevor

After browsing crested geckos online for far too long, I was very pleased to find a respectable crested gecko breeder near-enough for a personal pickup. The meeting was easy, and this absolutely stunning crestie made the trip home without a problem. A year later, he's grown a lot, is alert and active, and has safely made trips to NY and OH to visit family without showing undue stress. He still has his tail, and tolerates handling occasionally when the lights are low.

I would definitely recommend Gecko Haven to anybody looking, and esp. the "Halloween" morphs: beautiful creatures!


Product: AgCi81
Posted By: Renee Reid

We recently purchased our lovely little crestie from Gecko Haven, and I could not have asked for a better first experience. Cindy was amazing - excellent and timely communication, accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable.... We drove a little over two hours to pick up in person. The meeting (met with her husband) went smoothly and our little guy was in good health and exactly as described. On the way home my daughter texted Cindy multiple times with random questions and chat, and Cindy responded with patience, kindness, and many great suggestions. She also made it clear that we could contact her any time with further questions or for advice. I highly recommend Gecko Haven - couldn't be happier!


Crested Gecko

Product: OmCi7619
Posted By: Kaon Brandon

Love this girl !


Purchase process and informational

Product: SaWiB104
Posted By: Steven Gonzalez

The purchase process is really simple and for that I look to purchase more from this place


ORA1020 now LILO

Product: ORA1020
Posted By: Marty

Arrived as beautiful and healthy as pictured and described. Worked with me on shipping A+++. Lilo born 10/20/18, arrived 4/29/19 ,20 grams? Now today 9/12/19 72 grams . Big and very cage aggressive , bites. Once out like a kitten....Eats everything in sight.



Product: ThOdB929
Posted By: Abigail Doniecki

Cindy and Todd are great people. The gecko was exactly as presented. He is doing very well. I would highly recommend Gecko Haven and will definitely be purchasing again in the future.

Crested gecko

Product: ThOdB826
Posted By: Christie Knieriem

I just love Cindy and Todd and their animals! This pretty thing is even better than pictured, I couldn't be happier. Thank you!!


Love him!

Product: HaOaA95
Posted By: Catie Axelson

This was my first crestie and I couldn't be happier with him and with Gecko Haven. Great customer service and such a healthy and beautiful gecko.


Great service but a little complicated.

Product: UnNa87
Posted By: N/A

Complicated in that when you order a reptile, it takes many emails, and a few days. Other than that 4/5 would totally buy from again.


Excellent service

Product: ReNa86
Posted By: John C Curtis

Very responsive to questions, shipped and arrived exactly as promised.


gorgeous dalmatian

Product: LaOr2726
Posted By: Klair Rice

I purchased a gorgeous ink blot Dalmatian gecko from gecko haven some time ago. Although they were not attending the hamburg reptile show they gave the gecko to a friend that I could pick him up from. I'm was so excited to get him and get him home. He's been a wonderful addition to my growing family and is healthy happy and eats like a champ! I will definitely be recommending gecko haven to others and working with them again in the future! For sure!


Very unique looking gecko!

Product: ArBe186
Posted By: Jade

Gecko haven was very quick to respond to all inquiries, they handled things efficiently and professionally. I purchased and requested 3 geckos shipped out to me, everything was packaged properly and followed animal specific guidelines/standards. I'm very pleased with my purchases and highly recommend their healthy animals! Love this (probable) girl, she's shy and cute. We kept her name at Arbe :)


Excellent people and a great crested gecko!

Product: AbCl95
Posted By: Ashley

This gecko is awesome! He is super adorable with his pink tent to him. He is very sweet and friendly. He came in wonderful condition. Cindy was amazing by helping me out with the tons of questions I had asked and even helped me get some food for the little guy. Thank you so much I would totally get another gecko from Gecko Haven!!



Product: FK13-3
Posted By: Noah Bounds / Living Palette

Excellent service, amazing gecko. I wouldn't think twice about doing business again in the future with Gecko Haven

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