29th Jan 2019

FIRE has destroyed another reptile keepers home and all belongings with many of their pets inside. Please read the story below.  Donations are being accepted for an auction and a Go Fund Me has been started.

The Reptile Community has always protected each other in times of crisis.
Two of our own need help desperately!
Brandi Larson and Adrian (AJ) Lopez, residents of St. Anne Illinois experienced a persons biggest fear. FIRE!!!At 9:50 pm on 1/26/2019 a burning smell was noticed. Brandi and AJ were able to track the smell to the attic. After removing the attic access door smoke came barreling down into the house!They started getting their dogs, other pets and geckos to safety. AJ started fighting it with a fire extinguisher. After 15 minutes the smoke became too much and the Fire Department was called. St. Anne Fire was paged at 10:17pm. They arrived and went to work. Around 1 a.m. the all clear was given by the Fire Department. No trace of heat and power had been cut. AJ did a walk through after the Fire Department did and the house was cleared of smoke. Water was flowing out the light fixtures, everything was wet.Finding a temporary place for some of their animals was possible but a few were not able to be placed on an emergency basis. After clearing the house of smoke, Brandi and AJ fed, watered and bedded their remaining dogs, a pet pig and a stray (they took in due to frigid temps) down for a few hours. AJ and Brandi arrived at a family's home to rest. AJ awoke to return a call to his brother who then told him of a page just going out for Brandi and AJ's home. AJ and Brandi were 25 minutes away!! AJ's brother knew he would never make it to the home to rescue the animals left in the home! He got on the radio and told the Fire Department to make entry to release the animals. By the time AJ could get there the middle of the roof had caved in and flames were shooting out! AJ ran up to his chief to ask if any of the animals made it out, he said he was sorry 1902 arrived, made entry and nothing came running. AJ went to his car crying until Brandi could get there. Actual time of the page was 9:14 am. Six (6) fire departments responded! AJ is a firefighter in another district from his home! Brandi and AJ have lost everything. Their home which was rented did not have renters insurance! Precious and well loved pets lost in this fire. Brandi and AJ also have a reptile business, breeding various types of geckos and axolotis. These animals were also involved in the fire and their condition is not known at this point. Brandi and AJ need a new rental home that will allow their remaining animals, as well as a security deposit. They will need new clothes, money for vet bills, emergency housing, pets food. The list of what they will need replaced is endless as this is a total loss!This fundraiser has been started to help get Brandi and AJ some relief and get them back up on their feet.Please donate if you can and share this fundraiser for a great couple that has just experience total devastation.

We need your help! Donations of any kind, live reptiles, supplies, artwork as examples. Please donate if you can, bid if you can! Remember we are bidding on these items to help Brandi and AJ not to get a “good deal”. Thank you so very much!

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