12th Jul 2020

We are finally able to vend a reptile expo!  Please note the info below that the expo provided to us for the July 18th show in Gettysburg PA

First and foremost, Battlefield Reptile Expo will always follow all local, state, and federal laws.

We have set up our layout to socially distance our vendors by spacing them 6ft apart. This not only gives you, our vendors the opportunity to social distance from each other but also will help in keeping crowds more dispersed throughout the venue. As always, guests are provided 10ft shopping aisles. Things are going to look a little weird because of this, so please just be patient with us. This Covid layout is a temporary solution to social distancing suggestions by our government.

Battlefield Reptile Expo will be operating at 50% guest capacity and have a slower entry process than normal to give the crowd time to disperse throughout our large venue as they enter the exhibition area. For us, 50% guest capacity is 1,250 people at a time within the exhibition area. We are comfortable being able to manage the expected crowd so that everyone can come in and have a good time. 

If you are not wearing a face mask, we will assume it is because you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one and will not question you about it. We are, however, strongly encouraging that all guests try to wear some form of facial covering while in line. Lines can sometimes cause people to group closely together unintentionally and we don’t want anyone overly uncomfortable while they’re waiting to enter the exhibition area. Our climate-controlled lobby is 2,000 sq ft and we will have a staff member at the building entrance guiding people into a line that wraps inside to avoid guests having to wait outside in the heat too long.

Battlefield Reptile Expo will have a limited quantity of fabric facial covers available for purchase for individuals that would like one.

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